Vintage Sunglasses Models

At a time when sunny days are getting more and more in our lives, we started to take off the sunglasses from their container. Sunglasses are both a necessity and a stylish accessory. We have compiled some popular sunglass trends from the past to the present.


Vintage Glasses Matrix Styles

There are scenes in the Matrix that even those who do not watch know. They all wear glasses as if there was a sun. Combined with the cool effect of Trinity, these sharp-edged black glasses are indispensable for the dynamic summer months as well as the romantic spring.

Vintage XXL Glasses Models

The XXL glasses trend, which goes against the XXS glasses trend, not only covers your eyes but also covers almost half of your face. In this respect, it is also known as the trend of glasses that protect more from the sun.

Vintage Cat Eye Glasses Models

Known for its years-defying stance, Cat Eye will surely be a symbol of difference somewhere this summer. It is known as Cat Eye cat-eye glasses, which are often preferred by Retro lovers.


Vintage Glasses Models

Since we talked about Retro, let’s also look at the eyewear trend and model, which takes its name directly from it. Retro glasses, which you can find in different colors, are one of the coolest accessories that we encounter, especially in the famous 60’s movies.

Vintage Fun Glasses

Maybe you can make instant changes and say hello to these glasses equipped as a mask. So that you will attend a masquerade, your costume is ready!

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