Vintage Christmas Gift Ideas

Vintage New Year Gift Ideas

It is possible to find the retro gift options that combine the fashion style of the old period with a modern style in the relevant categories of the bannt sections. It can be used as an auxiliary accessory in many different decoration styles. Retro objects, which offer functional and decorative options for both men and women, can also be considered as excellent gift alternatives.

The First Retro Gift Option: Gramophone Music Box

The gramophone jukebox, which is put on sale with a 29 percent discount, is the first product to be considered as a nostalgic gift. This design, which has a wind-up mechanism, works just like the old-style gramophone models. The music box, which contains a single song, plays Beethoven’s song Für Elise, which has been considered a classic for many years. It can be used for decorative purposes in the consoles and showcases of the houses as it has a very authentic structure. It can also provide decorative integrity in guest reception rooms and on work desks. The body is golden yellow and shines all the time. The design made of hard plastic material is extremely stylish and fascinating.

Music Boxes Playing Piano

Piano-playing music boxes may be preferred for another surprise gift option. Just like the gramophone, the immortal piece Für Elise plays on this jukebox. The ballerina figure on the top, performing ballet accompanied by music, also manages to add a distinctive and original atmosphere to the music box.

Retro Camera and Product Features

The retro camera, which attracted great interest from buyers this year, is among the most popular gifts category. This all-metal decorative camera can be used for a long time with its durable structures. It can be considered as a different alternative for those who want to surprise all film, camera and cinema enthusiasts on special occasions. The design, which also has a special chamber in the middle, is also ideal for storing small items. The retro camera, which can also be used as a pen holder, differs from its counterparts with its versatile and functional aspects. Since it is metal, it is extra resistant to environmental conditions. It can also be used as a decorative accessory on display windows and on consoles.

Retro and Special Piggy Banks

Retro and special piggy banks are at the top of the list of alternative gifts, especially for women. It can be preferred in every corner of the houses with its extremely ergonomic and minimal structures. Various motifs and colors are available in the designs on it. Blue and white are at the top of these colors. Piggy banks in the shape of an ice cream bike are handmade. Details of hand workmanship can be seen in the entire product. Since they are metal, they are completely free from color fading and darkening.

Retro Cars and Color Options

Metal car options for men are another one of the most original gifts that can be considered. There are two types in total. In addition to racing cars, models that look like classic cars are also in the relevant categories. Models that are exact replicas of real cars and brands also have a collectable value. Race cars are the exact copies of cars from the 1930s. Just like piggy banks, hand workmanship is prioritized in these products. At the same time, since it has a metal structure, it can be displayed in desired places for a lifetime. Medium and large sizes can be purchased for a very small price difference. Retro colors are at the forefront in classic cars. It can also be preferred as a birthday gift for men who are interested in cars in the 50s.

Retro Pen Holder and Photo Frame Products

Retro gifts are not limited to these. Various options specially produced for people of all ages and tastes can also be accessed through the same category. Pen holders, which are the exact copies of London buses, can be a different accessory choice with their two-storey structures and red colors. Photo frames, cinemascope and 3D features, which can be preferred not only for home but also office decor. You can have designs with various colors, sizes and qualities without wasting time with the fast shipping option.

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