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One of the most popular fashions of recent years is vintage. Actually, this trend, which started with second-hand and retro designs, led designers to the fashion of the old and started to respond to people’s demands with old-looking new clothes. Vintage is known as vintage in winemaking in the most general sense. But in the fashion world, it is known as a technical term for the old-style or classic words.

For vintage, it would not be wrong to say that the calm and stylish image of the old is reflected in the new generation clothes, clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. We will make some posts about vintage in the following topics, but now we will try to have an idea about how a vintage shoe should be and how to choose vintage shoes.

Those who adopt the vintage style of clothing should first know that when choosing a shoe, it must fully adapt to the style on it. He can give us this information in fashion photographs after the 60s or photographs belonging to the Hippie generation we call flower children. The right thing to choose shoes is to see how well they match our style and what we wear. Most of us can choose sandals, flip flops or open evening shoes under short shorts. Many of us may even think that wearing a western boots can be absurd. Although this is not an absurd situation at all, we can create a perfect vintage style with the right combination of colors and styles. Shoe designs are remarkable and can match our clothing perfectly. Whether the shoes we wear are boots, ballet flats or high heels, as a result, all of these styles are in the past. and they were beautifully designed shoes. Just as we are excited when we see our grandmothers’ jewelery and we love that sheer beauty, the same happens in all trends of the past.

Now we can share a few examples with the most beautiful vintage shoes. The designs you will see below are designer shoes based on the past and produced with today’s fashion.

Today, as in all areas of fashion, the vintage trend is going on in shoes. The formerly fashionable shoe models come to life with the designs of famous companies. In this context, although there are vintage shoe models that appeal to both women and men, not all of them are useful enough to be adapted to daily life. In this case, it is necessary to be careful to choose pieces that can be used comfortably among vintage shoes.

Although the old ones of the vintage shoe models are predominantly in black, dark brown and cream colors, there are many different color options available today. Even the model is vintage and there are vintage shoe models with various bright colors and patterns in accordance with today’s fashion. Although the desired type of vintage shoes can be found in both high-heeled, sports and intermediate models, this important point is whether the model you like is wearable or not. Especially high-heeled vintage shoes can sometimes be quite uncomfortable for your feet and they may require you to use materials such as band-aid or heel pads.

Since vintage shoe models come to the fore with different models, they are recommended to be used with the clothes that show the shoe. For example, you can wear a plain tights that leave the ankle a few fingers open or a vintage high-heeled shoes under tight-cut trousers and complete your combination with a plain t-shirt or shirt and a jacket that matches the color of your shoes. In the same way, it will be a very attractive and fashionable choice to wear a pair of vintage-style shoes under any skirt of any length, regardless of the model.

In addition to daily use, high-heeled vintage shoes can also be used at events such as weddings and engagements and for special occasions. For example, if you like a classic piece as a wedding dress or evening dress, but you are afraid of showing a boring look, you can complete this classic piece with a more assertive vintage shoe and save it from monotony.

For daily and comfortable use, vintage sneakers may be a more suitable choice than those with heels. Especially in summer, it is possible to make your style talk with these shoes to be worn under short dresses and gather your admiration.

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