Beautiful Vintage Nail Makeup

Any woman dreams of being spectacular and attractive. This will undoubtedly help a neat, refined, luxurious manicure. To create a unique look, you can safely apply “Vintage on nails“.

New items appear every day in the world of fashion and beauty, and the nail industry is no exception. Recently, I often heard the word “Vintage”, or “Volumetric vintage on nails”, but not all fashionistas know what it is. Elements of this style were rapidly gaining popularity at the beginning of 2000. Today, vintage details are one of the most important components of nail art. In particular, they are designed to create various floral ornaments on nails, voluminous roses, ethnic patterns.

Vintage compositions can include precious stones, very small brooches, pendants, etc. Volumetric compositions can add luxury to nails and unique grace. Undoubtedly, such elements look attractive and even a little pretentious. Such a manicure is usually created if it is necessary to be present at some festive event or social party. Volumetric designs on the nails delight the eye in everyday life.

Decorating nails using volumetric elements

Fashionistas should definitely learn all the intricacies of the process of creating vintage compositions. On the nails, you can safely make them yourself. It is important to note that making vintage nails is quite difficult, and much more difficult than just painting your nails. The work is distinguished by sophistication, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details, and special tools are required to perform such a manicure.

First, you should purchase special figures that will serve as elements of volumetric design, and glue for manicure. For work, it is desirable that the nails are dense, long and, most importantly, have a flat surface. First, a standard manicure procedure is carried out, it is recommended to cover the nails with a pastel varnish. You can make art painting of nails, if it is conceived in fantasy. A simple ornament, combined with the finest and slightly pretentious details, will look very harmonious, but in general, you can draw whatever your heart desires. Next, you need to select the appropriate elements and attach them to the nail with glue. Vintage nail design also involves the use of small rhinestones, it is important not to overdo it with their number, so that the manicure does not look tasteless.

There should be few rhinestones and volumetric elements, they should be harmoniously positioned, while taking into account their shape, size, volume. The manicure should look flawless. You can pick up rhinestones of two opposite shades. A large number of rhinestones can be used if they are located on 1 nail, maximum 2, you can also create a flower from a pebble. Rectangular rhinestones are recommended to be glued along the nails, it is important not to overdo it.

Volumetric vintage on nails: craquelure technique

One of the features of vintage design is the craquelure technique, which involves the use of cracked paint in the drawing. Today there is a considerable number of varnishes that are specially designed for such a manicure. This type of design also has varieties, for example, a thin spider web or fence craquelures. One of the most fashionable is vintage craquelure. Nails painted in this style will undoubtedly attract attention.

In order to embody this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnail art, it is necessary to carefully process the nails with a nail polish remover, make them non-greasy, then apply a base varnish, which can be of absolutely any color. The layer should dry well.

Following it, a layer of another varnish is applied, which will create cracks. As for the options for combining colors, there can be a lot of them, for example, metallic varnish and black cracks, gold varnish, pink, red, white, blue are often used. Some ladies point out that shades can be combined according to the principle of matte-pearl, which also looks very interesting.

One of the most original and sophisticated phenomena in the fashion world is nail design. Bulky vintage will undoubtedly remain in vogue. Various compositions on nails always look very elegant.

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