2020 Vintage Wedding Dress Models

Vintage Wedding Dresses, Vintage Wedding Dresses and Retro Wedding Dress Suggestions We Are Frequently Heard As Old Style Wedding Dresses

Along with the longing for the old and the simplicity of the old, vintage wedding gowns are among the models intensely desired by bride-to-be since 2016. These models, which we are used to seeing at weddings abroad; In the fashion of the time, nested deep journey, is increasingly becoming popular in Turkey. In terms of its stance, vintage wedding dresses are quite different from other models. Therefore, while we want your wedding dress to reflect the old times, we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that your wedding theme is also appropriate.

Vintage Wedding Dresses and Retro Wedding Dresses Selected According to the Wedding Theme

Retro bridal gowns, which were preferred shortly in the 1920s due to the Great Gatsby movement and the fashion sense of the period, have undergone many changes until today and finally, in the last few years, they have been used as vintage wedding gowns. If you are dreaming of a wedding dress with the identity of old times, you should prepare all the details from the place to the music in accordance with this identity. Vintage wedding dresses do not have a single season. Because these models can be used both without sleeves and with long and short sleeves. Well, the spirit of the wedding venue? This is just as important as your wedding dress. If you are having a winter wedding, you can easily capture the vintage theme with high ceilings. All you need is long wooden tables, wooden chairs, white tablecloths, candlesticks and huge glittering chandeliers. The more white tones, vibrant green plants and wooden materials you use in such weddings, the more your vintage wedding dress will be compatible with the wedding theme. We suggest you to have a beach, countryside or beach wedding. Whatever products you prefer for the winter wedding, other than the chandelier; You can also take advantage of them in the summer concept. Remember, your vintage wedding dress; without a concept it can only be bought as a “plain wedding dress”.

Nostalgic Compatible Vintage Wedding Dress Models with Bridal Flower

Old-style wedding dresses can only convey their soul across when they are completed with vintage accessories. Yes, the jewelry and accessory models of the last fashion trends became and continue to be fashionable in 2020. However, we recommend that you do not use accessories with architectural designs (and similar ones) that reflect the newly developed technologies in the last years of the 2000s in vintage concept weddings. Vintage bridal flower can be an accessory that complements your wedding dress. But at the same time, you would use it above the guest tables or the bride and groom say “Yes!” It can be a nice accessory option for the top of the wedding table they say (arbor or belt can be decorated with these flowers for the wedding area). The most preferred models among the vintage bridal hairstyles are braids. These braids are often used in a messy bun. However, you can use your hair without collecting it according to the model of your vintage wedding dress. Then we suggest the slightly wavy hairstyle made with the help of curlers.

Not Without Vintage Wedding Dress Shoes

Another accessory that a vintage wedding dress needs is a shoe model compatible with this theme. Absolutely, indispensable, absolutely… All these definitions apply to complementary vintage wedding dresses. Vintage bridal shoes have small heels and pointed toes. These models are always handcrafted or have carefully worked design patterns. If your wedding dress is a vintage wedding dress, that is, it consists of lots of tulles, ruffles and embroidery, we recommend you to choose your shoes without a pattern.

2020 Vintage Wedding Dress Prices

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